Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tax Credit for Homebuyers

Okay, the new Year is here. Any resolutions to buy a home? Why wouldn't you? Home prices are what they were in 2001-2002, interest rates in the 5% range, and as little 3 1/2% down you have to be a nut to not take advantage of this. Builders work with Realtors, don't be afraid to take one with you on your first visit. We actually can get you a better deal than if you walked in alone. Sellers and banks are still willing to pay your closing costs. All of this and you still want more. Now you only have until July 1, 2009. When you buy a home before this date you are entitled to a $7500 tax credit. This is not an income reduction, but an actual credit. It's like laundry lottery. What could you do with that? Pay off a credit card, decorate, etc?? The mind boggles. Until next time....

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